Arkane’s upcoming vampire-slaying co-op FPS romp redfall (opens in new tab) came to the Xbox and Bethesda showcase with a hefty new gameplay video and release date. The deep dive video was all about Redfall’s open-world activities, player skills, and vampire neighborhood lords. The launch date is not too far away May 2.

Arkane paid a bit of an ode to its “greatest setting ever,” the island town of Redfall that stretches from the downtown shops to a forest and boardwalk. There are also ‘home base’ locations that act as safe houses for your squad to resupply and pick up missions from survivors – a fire station in the case of the new video. You stomp your way to wipe out vampires by breaking into everything from lighthouses to breweries to suburban townhouses in the city. Beyond that, “psychic spaces” across the island will draw you into reality-bending vampire dens and other pockets with less-than-real space to clean up.

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