Robbie Williams’ songwriter Guy Chambers is aiming for Christmas number one with his X-rated holiday song, “Thank F*** It’s Christmas.”

The 59-year-old record producer is not holding back and is targeting the likes of Elon Musk and the government during the fraught Yuletide cut.

A mysterious singer, who goes by the name ‘Trickster’, sings: “Interest is rising fast

“There is monkeypox with COVID and SARS

And strange multi-billionaires with smooth faces

“Trying to build a house on Jupiter or Mars

“If this all looks so very, very bleak

“I’ll hold my head up and I’ll scream

“Thank f*** it’s Christmas.”

Guy said, “It was an interesting challenge to write a Christmas carol that captures the tensions and stresses we’re currently living under, but with ‘Thank F*** It’s Christmas’ I think we’ve achieved it.”

Ian Maclay of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra added: “It’s been great working with Guy Chambers, who is such a respected and legendary figure in the music business, and we hope this recording gets the attention it deserves.”

Watch the accompanying video clip here:

A clean version called ‘Praise Be It’s Christmas’ has also been released.

Money raised from the songs will benefit charities addressing child welfare and social hunger throughout the month of December.

Stream now on all major streaming services.

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