In 2020, Rockstar Games held a “Heist Challenge” in Grand Theft Auto Online, giving the entire community free rewards if players could collectively steal GTA$100 billion from Heist Finals in one week. They delivered in spades and brought home an astounding $1 trillion by the time the event was over. So for 2022, Rockstar is stepping things up a bit.

“This year, in order to give The Heists Event a proper cap, we are calling out throughout Los Santos and Blaine County for all thieves, mates, hackers and Heist tactics to redouble previous efforts,” Rockstar announced (opens in new tab). “Put your criminal instincts to the test and score high in the all-new Heists Challenge. Break together with the community this week and earn a cumulative grand total of GTA$2 TRILLION to unlock a special reward later this year.”

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