Robot vacuum cleaners have always seemed like helpful, friendly little guys, but maybe that’s because I haven’t used them much. I like the idea of ​​a little guy running around bumping into things and making my house cleaner. The idea seems less charming now that I’ve found out that they can take pictures of you on the toilet and then upload them to social media without you knowing. That’s a level of weird bullying I don’t want from my mechanic valet.

Eileen Guo up MIT Technology Review (opens in new tab) delved into how such photos of Roomba vacuum cleaners from iRobot, with users’ faces clearly visible, came into their own way to social media (opens in new tab). The photos contain very candid shots of people doing personal things in their homes, including images of women and children in the toilet. Guo also made an excellent Twitter thread (opens in new tab) with further explanation and useful links.

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