With the country’s plans for one national game engine (opens in new tab) on life support, Russia has begun exploring other ways to revive its faltering gaming industry. At a meeting between officials and industry representatives at Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development on Dec. 15, the government began considering a federal project it calls “The Gaming Industry of the Future.” One of the possible options? “Founded a Russian Electronic Arts to Help Streamline the Release of High-Quality Russian Games”. Hey, the FIFA license is now available.

According to materials seen through Compelling (opens in new tab), Russian authorities hope to establish a new set of institutions to stabilize and strengthen Russian game development. In addition to two bodies that should focus on regulation, research and training of the industry, officials also want to establish “Rosgame”: a center for the “strategic development” of the Russian gaming industry, which would focus on the “regeneration and the industry development” as well as the “game development and publishing”.

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