Sabrina’s MADAM SATAN Returns To Forever Change Archie’s Horror Universe (Exclusive)

Sabrina the Teenage Witch antagonist Madam Satan returns to forever change Archie’s horror universe. Ten years ago, Archie Comics published the landmark Afterlife with Archie, inaugurating a line of cutting-edge horror comics that continue to this day. The publisher has released a series of one-shots starring Madam Satan, and now, she is back in Madam Satan: Hell on Earth – which promises to change the Archie Horror line forever.

ScreenRant is pleased to present a first look at Madam Satan: Hell on Earth. Written by Eliot Rahal and drawn by Vincenzo Federici, the book is the fourth entry in the series.

madame satan issue 1 cover

The one-shots tell the story of Madam Satan’s escape from Hell, and in Hell on Earth, she lands in Greendale. The preview pages, shared below, show the fallout from Madam Satan’s arrival.

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Madam Satan Will Not Go At it Alone This Time

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Writer Rahal had this to say about Madam Satan: Hell on Earth:

For the past several years, Madam Satan has been on a quest to achieve radical freedom, and throughout her journey, her character has worn many different faces. This story focuses on her as a fugitive, a runaway who is trying to atone for her sins even though her motivations aren’t heroic. MADAM SATAN: HELL ON EARTH almost acts as a literal bridge for a character who stands at a crossroads. In order to evade Satan’s forces, she travels to Riverdale where she meets and befriends an unlikely ally; a relationship that will upend the Archie Horror Universe!

Artist Federici said:

For Madam Satan, every time she seems close to a final victory she falls into Satan’s claws! In this issue she has to hide herself, act like a runaway, and it’s another interesting way to tell her stories. Her final meeting with a new ally will be very interesting for her and the reader, trust me.

Federici alludes to a “new ally” for Madam Satan, but Archie Comics has not revealed their identity. Over the past decade, Archie Comics has published some of the most progressive, forward-thinking comics in America – and their line of horror comics has played a large role in this. Beginning with Afterlife with Archie, the publisher began a series of iconoclastic, horror-tinged looks at their iconic characters. Sabrina the Teenage Witch received such a treatment, and fans who only knew her from the wholesome Melissa Joan Hart TV series were shocked; the reimagining would go on to form the basis of Netflix’s Sabrina show.

Archie’s Horror Line Has Helped Define The Publisher

Madam Satan Hell on Earth Comic Cover Art

Madam Satan was Sabrina’s nemesis on the Netflix series, and Archie Comics has given her a series of one-shots. Archie Horror’s offerings have been diverse, ranging from the aforementioned Afterlife With Archie to Jughead the Hunger and Vamprionica. Archie has also published several one-shots under the imprint; these titles have spotlighted some of the publisher’s lesser known characters, such as Lil’ Jinx and their friend Danni Malloy. Despite all existing under the same banner, they seemingly did not take place in a shared universe –but now Madam Satan: Hell on Earth will change that, redefining the publisher’s horror output in the process.

While fleeing the Devil, Madam Satan will gain an unexpected ally from elsewhere in the Archie Horror universe. Regardless of who the character is that Archie Comics is set to pair with Madam Satan as her new ally, bringing the Archie Horror line together is the next step in the imprint’s evolution. Uniting the company’s various recent horror titles all in one shared universe shows the line’s scope – as well as making it all the more clear that the Archie Universe is a dangerous place to be. Madam Satan, an escapee from Hell, is the perfect character to unite the line, and change the world of Archie Horror forever.

Madam Satan: Hell on Earth #1 is on sale September 20, 2023 from Archie Comics!

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