I didn’t know I needed magic in Valheim until I got a chance to try it out during a recent Mistlands preview. Sure, smashing things with a huge hammer or poking holes in enemies with a Blackmetal sword is great fun, but why leave your Viking vulnerable to attack when you can throw fireballs from a safe distance – or better yet, a skelly- friend to come in there and do the dirty work for you?

Valheim’s Mistlands update will introduce magic, something that was apparently always planned for the Viking survival game. “[Magic builds] has always been one of the ideas, but we didn’t want to do it in the conventional sense where you can be a mage from the start,” said Robin Eyre, Iron Gate’s lead artist. “It’s something you have to grow into if you progress. Like if you remember [Valheim] like a great Viking Norse mythology story you get this stuff towards the end.”

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

You can choose from four different magical weapons which in turn give you access to their own unique types of spells. The fire staff lets you throw fireballs to deal AoE damage and set fire to the things (or enemies) it hits, an ice staff fires blocks of ice, slows down enemies and deals damage, and a healing staff allows you’ll be able to sacrifice some of your health to protect yourself and nearby allies, and help negate some of the damage the inhabitants of the Mistlands will do their best to inflict on you.

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