Update: Fuji News Network (opens in new tab) now reports that Yuji Naka, co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog and director of Balan Wonderworld, has been arrested by the Tokyo District Prosecutor’s Office in connection with insider trading. Like the two previously arrested suspects, Naka is accused of buying shares in Aiming Co before it became known that the developer entered into a lucrative contract to create a Dragon Quest mobile game. In Naka’s case, he would have bought about 10,000 shares, worth about 2.8 million yen. Whether Naka or the other suspects sold their shares has not been disclosed.

Original Story: On November 17, Japanese outlet Vending machine (opens in new tab) reported that two Square Enix employees had been arrested by Tokyo police on suspicion of insider trading. The arrest relates to money they invested in a third-party developer, Aiming Co, ahead of the public reveal that it would be working on the Dragon Quest mobile spin-off, Dragon Quest Tactics (opens in new tab)released in 2020.

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