It was the perfect time to test the SteelSeries Apex 9 TKL gaming keyboard from the past few weeks. I haven’t had to work, which means I haven’t had to rely on a full keyboard for all the alt codes I regularly punch out. This is a ten-key keyboard after all, so there’s no numeric keypad for all that malarkey, but what you do get are some super-fast optical keys that are great for gaming.

The Apex 9 TKL has a fairly compact footprint, even for a keyless keyboard. There’s no bezel to it, for lack of a better word, and what I mean by that is that there’s very little outside bezel to the keyboard that extends beyond where the keys end. It’s pretty much as compact as you’re going to get without buying a 65% board or one with all the keys pressed together. I’m not a fan of the typing experience that entails, and this seems small enough.

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