MultiVersus is technically still in open beta, but in one of those ways where “beta” doesn’t really mean what it should; not least because it has been supported with various seasonal content and battle passes since launch. Season 2 has begun, and the headline addition is everyone’s favorite Marvin the Martian, a cartoon character with the rather dark goal of destroying Earth so it doesn’t get in the way of his view of Venus.

Marvin usually goes up against Bugs Bunny, who seems to have a thing for space, though in Multiversus Marvin will also use his space dynamite to blow up Scooby Doo and Arya Stark. The character is unlocked with in-game currency and comes with his specific brand of Martian weapons: the B-23 Bubble Blaster, the K-62 Projectile Modulator (deflects projectiles), and a red planet flag plant that sends enemies firing around the into atmosphere.

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