Tekken 8 is getting another bigger, better beta next month

Tekken 8 is still four months away and if you’re anything like me, the wait has been pure agony. Thankfully, Bandai Namco is set to bless us with another beta, and it’s even bigger than the last one.

The Closed Beta Test (don’t you go memeing on that acronym like the Street Fighter 6 lot did) is set to go live between October 20 and October 23, with some extra additions and balance tweaks from July’s Closed Network Test. It’ll be adding brand-new character Azucena and returners Raven and Feng Wei to the roster along with one additional stage. That brings the tally up to 19 playable characters—though that doesn’t cover all of the currently announced Tekken 8 roster—and six stages for players to duke it out on.

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