The new BRIT Award for 2023 has been unveiled by designer Slawn.

The Nigerian-born artist – who was championed by the late fashion icon Virgil Abloh and Grime star Skepta – is following in the footsteps of the likes of Dame Vivienne Westwood, Sir Peter Blake, Tracey Emin and Dame Zaha Hadid in designing the award that will be presented to the recipients during the music party at The O2 Arena in London on February 11.

He commented: “I am overjoyed and honored to have been elected. It is an incredible privilege to be given the opportunity to take part in this celebration of fellow creatives, as The BRITs are an iconic, self-proclaimed celebration of British creativity, and a true testament to the wealth of talent creation and music production both in this country and around the world.The BRIT Awards are a classic celebration of global talent and a powerful forum to really reflect on the changing nature of culture and the contribution of people to that culture.”

Slawn wanted the design to have both a “sense of sophistication and playfulness”.

The artist decided to take off the helmet as a “hats off” to the BRITs for crediting him with designing the prize.

He said: “I wanted to design an award that had a sense of sophistication and playfulness at the same time. I am aware of the fine line I tread between conventional art and the entertainment industry. I wanted to convey feelings of gratitude and celebration since I know that such opportunities don’t come along very often for individuals like myself. The concept behind the sculpture is “hats off to you”. My decision to take the helmet off the award is my way of thanking the BRITs for providing me with this opportunity. I hope that seeing this award inspires not only the British people, but individuals around the world, myself included, that these achievements are achievable.”

The bronze award, which has three heads, has personal touches that “commemorate and integrate” Slawn’s roots.

He added: “I’ve created something that I’m extremely proud of and that I think represents my past, present and future. The placement of the arms and the decision to have three heads meant I could create a prize that shows a different perspective.” from every angle. Growing up in Lagos I was surrounded by bronze sculptures so they have a very nostalgic feel to me. I also wanted to rethink my roots and incorporate them into the design. I hope that creating this award is just the beginning of my journey to give young people more opportunities to realize that these achievements are possible with the right support.”

Damian Christian, Chair of the BRIT Awards 2023, commented: “Slawn’s work is incredible and powerful, and we’re stunned by what he’s created – his design is bold, exciting and in-the-moment, representing what we’re trying to achieve with this year’s ceremony. We were very honored that he accepted our invitation to put his own spin on the iconic image and continue the BRITS’ rich heritage of design innovation. I am delighted to have him on board and to see his work play such a prominent role in The BRITs 2023.”

The BRIT Awards 2023 with Mastercard will take place on Saturday 11 February – the first time in history the show will be held on a Saturday – and will be broadcast live on ITV and ITVX – from the O2 arena.

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