As millions of players all scramble to understand the ins and outs of Warzone 2’s 54 weapons during launch week, know this: if you want a reliable bolt-action rifle that can get you through almost any situation in Al Mazrah, the SP-R 208 will get the job done. It’s one of the best, most accessible guns in the game, and it’s also easy to unlock. The SP-R 208 unlocks at account level 7, so even if you start Warzone 2 with a new account, you’ll have it within the first few hours.

The nice thing about the SPR is how many different hats it can wear. An SPR with a powerful sight and extended barrel makes just as much sense as an iron sight intended for close range. This is an advantage of the SPR being technically a “sniper rifle” in Warzone 2 rather than an actual sniper rifle. an arena the size of a 6v6 multiplayer map, it’s the SPR I want to support.

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