X0r_jmp, the anonymous leaker(s) behind the procession (opens in new tab) from prototype Duke’s Nukem (opens in new tab) revealed to us over the past year has branched out into another beloved ’90s shooter franchise, Blood. On January 4, x0r_jmp rendered Blood’s running source code from a year prior to release available to the public (opens in new tab).

Developed by Monolith, who would go on to create FEAR and the Shadow of Mordor series, Blood was created in the same Build Engine as Duke Nukem, so can be seen as something of a sister game. Blood has the lightning-fast movement and sprawling, maze-like levels common to shooters of the time, while also distinguishing itself with a unique arsenal (dynamite sticks? A hairspray and Zippo lighter flamethrower?) as well as a gothic, horror-adjacent vibe.

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