The Rock Shilling $100 Sneakers Reopens a Very Familiar Can of Worms

Thanks to his various business endeavors, Dwayne Johnson has evolved into much more than a wrestler-turned-actor, but it turns out that he can’t stick his fingers in so much as a single extracurricular pie without coming in for some form of criticism.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (ironically enough) for the last couple of weeks, then you’ll be aware that the A-list superstar has been taking some not-inconsiderable shots for partnering up with Oprah Winfrey to launch a relief fund intended to assist those affected by the Maui wildfires.

dwayne johnson oprah winfrey
Image via Dwayne Johnson/Instagram

A heartwarming gesture on the surface, the issues stem from two celebrities with a combined net worth that runs into the billions urging the public to contribute financially when times are tough enough as it is for many, with their combined $10 million launchpad barely a drop in the ocean in terms of their vast wealth.

Naturally, the can of worms that refuses to stay closed has been reopened once again after the 51 year-old hopped onto social media to start the hype campaign for the latest edition of his Project Rock sneakers, which retail at around $100 a pop. One of the top comments simply states that “Maui also needs to get built from the ground up,” and there are more than a few that repeat “I’m sure Maui can use some clothing apparel” over and over the further you scroll down.

Backlash isn’t exactly something The Rock has been accustomed to, but the fact his online activity has been getting hijacked for so long indicates that it won’t be going away, either.

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