After a lengthy beta period, card battler Marvel Snap launched on Steam and mobile on October 18 last year – and quickly found huge success. It’s easy to see why. Led by former Hearthstone leader Ben Brode, it reinvents Hearthstone’s deck-building formula into something even faster and more accessible. At the same time, it offers Marvel fans – who currently make up half of the universe – a chance to collect their favorite superheroes, level them up through a series of cosmetic levels, split them into new versions with new colors and effects, and unlock skins based on moments from the comics and the work of popular artists.

While the PC version feels a bit odd compared to its mobile counterpart, it’s still an intoxicating experience. Fast paced matches and numerous progression hooks will keep you coming back day after day, even though much of the action during the match can feel rather random or overly simple. It’s not a tactical powerhouse ready to rival the competitive mechanics of Magic: The Gathering, or content rich enough to be a Hearthstone-level time-sink, but once you get into the grips, you’ll find it’s the thing you go back for every time you have 15 minutes to spare. It’s the ultimate snack game, and if you get half your lunch break every day for a week, it does the job.

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