The last of us (opens in new tab) isn’t coming to PC for another few months – it’s slated to launch on Steam on March 3rd, a full decade after its original PS3 debut. However, the TV adaptation will arrive next week, and by all reports, it’ll be a very good way to get your Naughty Dog fix while you wait for the game to arrive.

Movies based on video games haven’t exactly set the world on fire, but it’s been a very different story in recent years with television adaptations. Shows like Mysterious (opens in new tab) and Cyberpunk: Edge Runners (opens in new tab) have received much acclaim, the Halo TV series (opens in new tab) isn’t bad (and it gave us the chance to do this (opens in new tab)), and while Ee (opens in new tab) Witcher series on Netflix is ​​based on the books and not the games, I claim it as one of ours anyway.

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