Has anything good ever come out of NFTs? Aside from the Christopher Moltisanti meme (opens in new tab), I mean. I really can’t think of anything. The functionality they provide games is technically different from what has been available through conventional microtransaction sales for years, but it’s practically the same for those who don’t play games to be financial speculators, and the whole business of making, buying and selling them. is overrun with corruption and crime. “A useless, costly, ecologically destructive technology,” said the French union Solidary Informatics (opens in new tab) described, and I have no notes.

I myself have a pretty straightforward approach to the whole thing: no, thanks. It’s served me well so far, as I haven’t lost money due to fast-talking scammers selling bad clip art, nor have I missed a single gaming experience that could be described as even remotely immersive. Tfue cards (opens in new tab)? Tiny numbers (opens in new tab) on my Tom Clancy helmet? Atari (opens in new tab)? No thanks. Look, it’s easy.

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