You may have noticed recently that Starfield’s stated release date is on Steam (opens in new tab) recently changed, from 2023 – vague, but at least within a certain time frame – to “soon”, which is vague and completely without specificity. In fact, it was just one of many games that had their launch date changed today: others visible on SteamDB include Leave (opens in new tab), redfall (opens in new tab), Arch 2 (opens in new tab)and Robocop: Rogue City (opens in new tab).

The good news is that nothing is wrong. Well, probably nothing anyway. See, back inside October 2022 (opens in new tab), Valve has made a change to the way it handles release dates for upcoming games. Before that, release dates on Steam store pages were a Wild West: Some games listed an exact date, others had a little more margin – maybe a month and a year – and still others added joke text like “when it’s done.”

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