In 2015, my GTX 770M laptop crumpled like a paper bag when it faced the Witcher 3, leaving me hungry for more power and inspired to build a GTX 1080 desktop a year later. In 2020, that noble beast was in turn taken down by Cyberpunk 2077, almost never keeping a consistent 60fps at 1080p down.

The seasons change, the tide comes and CD Projekt destroys my computers: the meaty, pricey RTX 3070 I got last year can barely hit 40fps with the Witcher 3’s new ray tracing implementation and this is one of the rare times I’ve looked at RT comparisons and gone, “hey, that actually is doing look better!” If you’re like me and like to get some extra performance out of The Witcher 3 Next Gen’s ray tracing, you might want to try mud alikokos Optimized ray tracing (opens in new tab) on NexusMods.

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