Let it Die from 2016 is a F2P fighting game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, which made its way to PC in 2018 (opens in new tab), and it’s a semi-decent game with excellent presentation. The title was published by GungHo and a sequel was announced in October 2021, developed by the Grasshopper spin-off Supertrick Games. Deathverse: Let it Die had a beta in the summer of last year before launching in October, and was immediately beset by two problems: no one played it, and when they were, there were a lot of connectivity issues.

The game currently has ten players. Today’s highest player count was 33. Deathverse’s highest player count was 1,380 at launch (opens in new tab). These are nowhere near sustainable numbers for an F2P live service game and now, barely three months after release, a new blog post announces the “suspension”. (opens in new tab) from Deathverse this summer.

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