Buildcrafting in Destiny 2 can be a complicated beast, especially after the major rework of the game’s subclasses this year. While you can go a long way just equipping an exotic piece of armor that complements your chosen subclass element, the real depth comes in fleshing out your lineup with armor mods. That Coldsnap grenade that’s in the skills submenu has a two minute cooldown? Equip the Osmiomancy gauntlets on Shadebinder, along with the Glacial Harvest aspect and a standard Charged with Light mod setup with Firepower, Elemental Charge, and Elemental Shards, and you’ll literally never run out of icy ‘nades.

The problem with that depth, at least so far, is that you really had to own the mods needed for the best version of each build. If, like me, you’ve been playing since launch, you’re probably in the right place – I’ve got 18 separate Warlock builds alone and I’m having a blast. However, for new players, the process of acquiring combat mods has been a historical pain point. Players could only purchase mods from Ada-1, a tower seller who offers four for sale per day, chosen at random from a pool of hundreds. If your desired gear depends on a particular mod, it can take months for it to be available. According to Insights into destinyfor example, the last time Ada stocked Bountiful Wells – a very useful Elemental Well mod – was on November 15, 2022. It was only the fifth time she’s ever sold it.

Ada-1, keeper of the mods.

(Image credit: Bungie)

Thankfully, that’s all changing today, as announced last night in a tweet from the Destiny 2 account.

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