Today’s Wordle Answer & Hints for September 15, 2023 (Puzzle #818)

September 15th’s Wordle answer contains a repeating vowel and may just cause players to lose their daily streak if they use random guesses.

September 15th’s Wordle answer is definitely going to cause some issues as the answer features a repeating vowel in different positions. Repeating letters, let alone repeating vowels, are typically hard to decipher as Wordle does not give any other hints besides the usual. Therefore, many players tend to fumble whenever there are repeating letters. What complicates today’s puzzle further is that the repeating letters happen to be a vowel as well.

Answers with repeating letters are best solved using Wordle’s hard mode, as you are not allowed to reuse confirmed letters in different spots. If you discover the correct position of one of the repeating letters, discovering the correct position of the other becomes much easier. However, if you are still finding it difficult, using some hints might help you solve today’s Wordle answer faster.

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Today’s Wordle Hints (September 15th #818)

Wordle grid with the word HINTS in green

There is no easy way to solve Wordle answers that feature a repeating letter. Therefore, during dire situations, it’s best to use some clues that might prevent you from losing your daily streak. These hints only give more context about the answer and do not ruin the actual challenge. Such clues are more akin to hints used in Crossword puzzles and have proven to be a great starting point for many players. Here are four hints that will help solve September 15th’s Wordle answer:

Hint 1

There is one repeating letter.

Hint 2

The answer is used as a verb.

Hint 3

The vowels are in the 1st & 3rd positions.

Hint 4

Make a physical or mental effort.

Today’s Wordle Answer (September 15th #818)

Answer stamped on top on Wordle attempts

The September 15th Wordle answer is EXERT.

Since today’s Wordle answer has a repeating vowel and a complicated spelling, there is a good chance you might exhaust all of your attempts on random guesses. However, if you use words such as EXAMS, EXITS, and INERT, you should be able to discover the correct positions of all five letters. These attempts will also let you discover the correct positions of the repeating vowel, i.e., ‘E.’ Once you know the correct positions of every letter, you will be able to solve today’s Wordle answer with EXERT in your fourth attempt.

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