The incident at the Freedom City shopping mall in Kampala killed 10 people, including children.

The death toll in one rush in a shopping center during New Year celebrations in Uganda’s capital has risen to 10, according to the vice president, while police said they have arrested the organizer of the event.

Vice President Jessica Alupo, who visited the crime scene in Kampala on Monday, told journalists that one more person died on Sunday evening. She said the government would pay $1,350 to each victim’s family to help with funeral costs.

The revelers were killed at the Freedom City mall when revelers crowded a single exit to watch a midnight fireworks display.

The dead included four minors aged 10 to 17.

Police said the organizer failed to comply with a guideline requiring children to be accompanied by an adult at such gatherings.

Police spokesman Patrick Onyango said organizer Abbey Musinguzi faces murder charges as “detention charges” before being taken to court.

“We have so far arrested the promoter of that New Year’s concert,” police officer Fred Enanga told reporters on Monday. “We are also actively looking for other organizers and promoters.”

He said promoters had ordered four other exits closed and investigators were looking into whether “negligence” was the cause of the deaths.

“The revelers had one entrance and one exit,” Enanga said. “As a result, several victims were trapped and trampled through the narrow passage, which became a bottleneck for many, mainly young people.”

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