US Cop Pulls Driver Out Of Burning Car After Crash

Caught On Camera: US Cop Pulls Driver Out Of Burning Car After Crash

The police have praised the cop for his bravery.

A video has captured the moment a policeman in the US rescued a driver from a burning car before it was fully engulfed in flames. The dashcam footage has been posted by the Madill Police Department on Facebook. The police said that the incident took place on the “early morning hours on Saturday, September 9, 2023”. Sergeant JT Moore has been praised by the police department for showing exceptional bravery in saving the life of the driver and pulling him away from the harm’s way.

According to the police, Sergeant Moore responded to a crash shortly after 1am on Saturday and found a car on fire off the side of the road near a forest.

Sergeant Moore ran towards the car with a fire extinguisher and was trying to put out the flames when he noticed the driver was still inside.

He quickly jumped in and pulled the driver to safety, away from the flames that had engulfed the car.

“To say we are proud of Sgt JT Moore would be an understatement,” the police department said on Facebook.

“We commend Sgt. Moore for his life-saving actions, all while putting himself in harm’s way,” the department’s post further said.

A few months ago, another police officer in the US had rescued a woman from a burning car in Georgia. 

Candler County Sheriff’s Office said Sergeant Ashleigh Taylor responded to a car crash on Highway 46 and discovered the vehicle was on fire. Officer Taylor rushed to the scene and saved the woman’s life by pulling her out of the burning car.

A video shared by Candler County Sheriff’s Office on Instagram showed the officer pulling over to the side of the road, jumping out of his car and rushing to the bush.

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