As you begin to explore the new Valheim Mistlands biome, one of the first things you see through the thick, dense mists is glowing blue lights. When you reach one, you’ll discover it’s a blue torch or blue lamp, a small glowing orb built by some of the inhabitants of the Mistlands to provide visibility through the mist. You can’t just take these blue lights, and if you destroy them, the orbs will disappear. But you can make one yourself.

The blue lights in the Mistlands are mentioned Wipe torches, and you’ll want to make some ASAP, because they’ll burn off the fog in their direct beam. The good news is that if you’ve already defeated Valheim’s fifth boss, Yagluth, you probably already have a component stored in a chest at your base that allows you to craft Wisp Torches. Remember how Yagluth dropped useless placeholder “Yagliuth stuff” when you defeated him? Those things are no longer useless, they’re part of the process of making Wisp Torches.

How to Make Blue Wisp Torches in Valheim’s Mistlands

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