This is the state of affairs on Sunday 20 November:

To fight

  • Russia has reached an agreement with Iran to begin production of hundreds of unmanned weaponized aircraft on Russian soil, The Washington Post reported.
  • Ukraine’s electricity supply is under control despite Russian attacks on power-generating infrastructure and there is no need to panic, the energy ministry said.
  • Five people were injured in a Russian airstrike on a humanitarian bread-distribution station in the town of Bilozerka, just west of the city of Kherson, a senior aide to the presidency said.
  • Russia wave of rocket attacks in Ukraine is intended in part to deplete Kiev’s air defense supplies and eventually achieve mastery of the skies, a senior US military official said.
  • About 60 Russian soldiers were killed in a long-range Ukrainian artillery strike last week, Kiev said, the second time in four days that Ukraine claimed to have inflicted significant casualties in a single incident.
  • At least 437 Ukrainian children have been killed as a result of the Russian invasion, according to the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine.
  • Russia urged international organizations to condemn the attack alleged execution of 11 Russian prisoners war by Ukrainian soldiers.
  • The Ukrainian military said it was verifying the authenticity of footage that Moscow described as surrendering Russian soldiers being executed after videos circulated on Russian social media showing the bodies of Russian troops.
  • That is what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his nightly video address problems with the energy supply in the country, the worst were in and around Kiev, as well as six other regions, and work continued “to stabilize the situation”.

INTERACTIVE- The south of Ukraine

Kherson region

  • Ukraine will soon start evacuating people who want to leave the recently liberated southern city of Kherson and surrounding areas, a senior official announced, citing damage done by Russian forces.
  • The first train from the Ukrainian capital Kiev arrived a week after Russian troops withdrew from the southern city in Kherson.
  • Hundreds of people were arrested or missing Kherson region while under Russian control and dozens have been tortured, Yale University researchers concluded in a report. Russia has denied that its troops committed abuses.


  • The West’s attempts to persuade Ukraine to negotiate with Moscow after a series of major military victories by Kiev are “bizarre” and amount to calls for capitulation, a senior adviser to the Ukrainian president said.
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine offers a preview of “a possible world of tyranny and unrest,” US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said.

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