Warhammer 40,000: Dark Tide (opens in new tab) won’t officially launch until November 30, but it’s available on Steam now for anyone who pre-orders the game. Reactions to the game, to use a common phrase, are decidedly mixed at this point: some players dig it, but a fair number post negative user reviews. Darktide currently sits on a “mostly positive” user ranking on Steam, with 70% of the user reviews (opens in new tab) giving it a thumbs up, but earlier today it dropped all the way to “mixed”, meaning only 40-69% of user reviews were positive.

That’s a surprisingly low number for the follow-up to the acclaimed Vermintide games, but it may not reflect how players will feel about the game in a few weeks. Technically, Darktide is reviewed before it is “released”. In a message (opens in new tab) on what to expect from the “preorder beta,” developer Fatshark listed a number of features not in the beta, including proper spawn points and a detailed display of weapon stats, and warned that the first beta release would have quite a bit of content. to miss.

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