Darktide Curios are a lot like talismans from the Vermintide series, allowing you to boost certain stats, reduce certain damage types, and generally add a little buildcrafting element that you can adapt to your playstyle. While the Darktide pre-order beta doesn’t currently include crafting, you can still get Curios and equip them with your Reject.

If you’re just getting into the beta, you might want help choosing one classto see something Dark tide tipsor learn about how to change your appearance. Anyway, here’s how Curios work in Darktide, as well as the best way to get them in the game.

How do Darktide Curios work?

You can buy curios at the Requisitorium (Image credit: Fatshark)

Curios grant stat boosts that can help you deal with the relentless hordes and specials that Darktide throws at you. So far, the pre-order beta Curios seem to be improving toughness, Health, resistanceor your number from wounds as primary. If you get a rarer blue Curio instead of a green one, you also get a secondary buff like experience, damage control against specific types of enemies, Chance of curiositiesor resistance to corruption for wearing Grimoires.

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