There are several big changes in the new Call of Duty: War zone 2, not least assimilation. You are no longer tied to the squad you fell with. Various Warzone 2 BR playlists allow you to recruit enemy players into your own squad in the middle of a match. You may be able to make good use of it proximity chat to get out of a stalemate long enough to add promising recruits to your fire team.

What is assimilation in Warzone 2?

Each mode’s “assimilation” settings determine how you are allowed to add new members to your roster during the match. “Out” means you’re stuck with the squad you fall with, regardless of who dies. “Refill” means that you may add players in the match to your team up to the group’s original capacity (three in trios, for example). The unhinged BRs mode has “assimilation: expanded”, which means you can invite more players to your team than you started with. In the current unhinged playlist of BR trios, there are six in total.

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