Warzone 2 DMZ keys are mysterious little items – some of them are quite obvious to use, they open large buildings and enemy bases across the map for you to loot, but there are also keys for hidden caches. Finding and looting these hoards of weapons and equipment isn’t as easy as just heading to a landmark, and you’ll need to puzzle them out.

Fortunately, there are hints with each key to make it much easier to find what they unlock. If you’re looking for loot in Battle Royale mode, you might want to know more black site keys (opens in new tab), how to make money (opens in new tab)or how to complete each Warzone 2 contract download (opens in new tab). There is also an explanation for it DMZ (opens in new tab) mode if you are not sure how it works. Here’s where to get Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ keys, how they work, and how to find what they unlock.

How Warzone 2 DMZ Keys Work

Keys are often found in containers (Image credit: Activision)

You can find locked buildings and caches all over the DMZ, but unlike strongholds with their general purpose key cards, you need specific keys to unlock and access them. Once you find a key, you get an idea of ​​what it unlocks. DMZ keys can be used up to three times, represented by the white dashes next to the key symbol, but they are not always maximum when you pick them up. If you unpack with a key that can still be used, you can return it to the DMZ later to unlock the same cache or building again.

Where to find DMZ keys

Some faction missions give you keys (Image credit: Activision)

As with stronghold keycards, you can occasionally get keys kill enemiesbut more often than not they are found by loot caches or containers throughout the DMZ. You can also get keys by completing certain faction missions, and you can keep up to twenty different DMZ keys in your stash so you can choose which cache or building to crack next.

How do I know where a DMZ key fits?

You can see the map references on the top and side (Image credit: Activision)

While using some keys is a bit more obvious than others – the ‘Police Academy key’ really just gives it away – there are keys for hidden caches that are much harder to find, especially when people don’t want to stop shooting at you. However, each key has a card reference that helps you narrow down the location. This is the lowercase number or lowercase letter in green: the letter corresponds to a column on the map, or the number to a row. When you combine this with the landmark information from the key’s description, it’s usually pretty easy to figure out where your hidden cache is.

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