Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s most vicious weapon might not be a gun at all, it might just be a drone equipped to blow up nearby targets. A rare pickup on the Warzone 2 map, the bomb drones are silent, can find targets through walls and explode with such force that an entire team in full health can be reduced to rubble in seconds. Reddit and other social media are full of videos of players cackling insanely like their bomb (opens in new tab) drones (opens in new tab) knock out enemies.

bomb_drone_quadrakill_by_chuloboy from r/CODWarzone

“I have almost 1,000 hours of WZ1 and I can say that nothing came close [overpowered] as the bomb drone is,” one player continued Reddit (opens in new tab)… to which another replied that the weapon’s weakness was “the 80% chance of getting glitched and frozen”, referring to a persistent animal (opens in new tab) around using drones that lock you in place, unable to move.

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