Dungeons & Dragons owner Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has released a statement (opens in new tab) in response to the ongoing turmoil over the handling of the Open Gaming License (OGL). A post from D&D executive producer Kyle Brink apologizes for WotC’s handling of the controversy thus far, and promises a more “open and transparent” approach to a new OGL that tries to incorporate community feedback. take.

The furor was originally fueled by a draft version of a new OGL (opens in new tab) which seemed to make the license significantly less open, necessitating royalties to WotC from successful creators and giving the company more control over third-party works produced under the license. It would also have prevented creators from using the current, more open license, in direct contradiction to WotC’s previous promises that licensees could use older OGL versions if new ones weren’t to their liking. But it now looks like the company is leaving all that behind.

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