Who’s Faster in DC and The Boys Lore (& Why)

DC’s the Flash and A-Train from The Boys have broken several records with their super speed, but now it’s time to settle the debate on who is faster and why. Though they come from different universes and have their own sense of justice, Flash and A-Train both know their limits as speedsters and how to break them to become even stronger.

The Flash and A-Train both gained their powers through science and luck. The most recognizable Flash, Barry Allen, gained his speed after being struck by lightning and doused with chemicals. Meanwhile, A-Train was one of the many babies experimented on by the evil company, Vought International, which used the drug Compound V to give him his super speed. The Flash (Barry Allen) debuted in 1956’s DC Showcase #4 by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino and has been a mainstay within DC Comics, using his speed to save lives and the multiverse countless times. A-Train debuted in The Boys #1 by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, using his speed to accidentally kill Hughie Campbell’s girlfriend, Robin, showing off his recklessness and disregard for human life.

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Why The Scarlet Speedster Wins This Race

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Despite their polar opposite personalities, the Flash easily picks up the win over A-Train in terms of speed, power, and experience. Barry Allen has the one thing A-Train never had in his world: The Speed Force. The Speed Force is a realm beyond time and space, where the Flash borrows his speed from. With this and his years of training, Barry has been able to break the sound barrier and reach the speed of light countless times. And Barry’s not even the fastest Flash in the DC Universe. That honor goes to Wally West after he outran Death itself. A-Train’s top speed can’t even compete.

When it comes to analyzing speeds, all of the Flashes are on an entirely different plane of existence compared to A-Train. A-Train’s top speed, recorded in the aforementioned The Boys #1, was at Mach 3 when he ran down Hughie’s girlfriend. However, the fastest version of the Flash, Wally West, can run up to speeds of Mach 10 and beyond the speed of light. This is probably due to the fact that A-Train had no proper training to enhance his speed, instead just coasting off of fame and fortune to motivate himself. Meanwhile, the Flash can break the sound barrier, travel through dimensions and time, and even steal speed from other speedsters. While the A-Train can reach up to 1,000 mph, according to The Boys TV show, he cannot match the Flash’s reputation as a god of speed.

There Can Be Only One Fastest Man Alive

A-Train vs The Flash

The Flash is simply too fast for A-Train to ever catch up. The cocky and arrogant supe couldn’t even keep up with Homelander, who can match and surpass any super speed. If A-Train’s not concerned with pushing his limits as a speedster, he has no chance of ever getting to the Flash’s level. A-Train is his own worst enemy since he believes no one can outrun him in his world. Even the slowest version of the Flash easily runs circles around A-Train with his universe-breaking speeds.

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