Wilds of Eldraine is Magic’s first Standard-legal set in months

There are annoying ways to lose a game of Magic: The Gathering. When a red aggro deck full of creatures with haste demolishes you by turn three, for instance. Or when a blue control deck counters everything you try, just turn after turn of “nope” until they finally get around to finishing you off. But there are also fun ways to lose at Magic, and being bodied by a combo you didn’t see coming is one of them.

I was playing Commander using the preconstructed decks released as part of the latest set, Wilds of Eldraine. The theme is fairytales, with a side of Arthurian legend, and the deck I was ruined by went strong on the faeries. While I’d summoned a coalition so varied it included angels and oxen, I was facing a force entirely made of flying fey. Which is why the Kindred Dominance card, which lets you pick a creature type and then destroy every creature that doesn’t match that type, was so effective. My opponent picked “faeries”, and I said goodbye to my oxen and angels and everything else. 

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