The pre-patch festivities are in full swing for the arrival of World of Warcraft dragon flight (opens in new tab) expansion, and we will soon be able to fly over new lands and face new enemies. But I want you to forget all that, create a new character and go kill some wolves in Northshire. Even if you already have one of each class at maximum level. Seriously.

Let me explain: my favorite part of the pre-patch is the return of what I’ll call the “old school” talent system from now on, which players starting after Mists of Pandaria couldn’t experience until WoW Classic reminded everyone how much better it was then the system that replaced it. Each level you get a talent point that you can put in one of the two tall trees. Sometimes you unlock a small, passive improvement, such as an extra 2% chance of critical hits. Sometimes you get a new button that allows you to pull a horse from a pocket dimension and trample your enemies.

This is different from what I’ll call the “new school” talent system, which we’ve actually had since 2012 – making it a full decade old, the norm for most of WoW’s history, and not really new at all. I was never a fan of this newer, streamlined system with far fewer options. It tried to pare down all those small, incremental choices into bigger, more meaningful choices that came at every level.


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