‘Yellowstone’ smashes records as it makes CBS debut

Taylor Sheridan‘s cowboy drama trotted into an intense network television premiere, and Yellowstone is making fast fans of audiences who were eagerly anticipating getting to know the Dutton family.

With Kevin Costner‘s John Dutton leading the charge as the patriarch and land owner, fans knew the series would be good, and with the addition of Kelly Reilly‘s Beth Dutton, Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler, Luke Grimes’ Kayce Dutton, and Wes Bentley’s Jamie — the family is as mesmerizing and profound as the story itself.

The viewership numbers are not surprising for those familiar with the Dutton family. All it took was a few moments in the debut episode back in 2019 for us to become lifelong fans, and we anticipate a new group of soon-to-be-Duttons are gearing up to don their cowboy hats and boots very soon.

The Wrap confirms that the CBS premiere brought in a total of 6.56 million viewers, which means it debuted as the most-watched series of the week. It’s also important to note that Yellowstone brought in more viewers than anything on the network since the NCIS series finale in May.

When Yellowstone debuted on the Paramount Network, it was still record-setting, but comparing the numbers is like seeing the ranch for the first time; it almost takes your breath away. The first episode of the Dutton family drama to see the light of day premiered to an audience of 2.83 million.

It goes without saying that the Duttons will captivate new viewers week by week, and their story will draw existing fans back in all over again.

When did Yellowstone premiere on CBS?

Yellowstone made its network television debut on CBS on Sunday, Sept. 17, marking the first time the intense series came to audiences without cable access or a subscription to streaming services. The Dutton family story is being broadcast at the perfect time, with the fall television slate wide open and a window of opportunity for fans who have been meaning to check out the series to finally do so.

Yellowstone airs on CBS on Sunday evenings after 60 Minutes, and trust me, as a Dutton family expert and a fan of everything Yellowverse, I can assure you that you won’t want to miss a moment of it. From the Rip and Beth of it all, to John’s overpowering presence when he walks into a room, and the way Kayce shows up and steals every scene he’s in; these characters will become people you care about deeply.

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