Yes, Aquaman 2 Leaves The Door Open For A Third Film To Complete The Trilogy

During the Q&A, Wan said that he often goes from a big movie to a smaller one, and then back to a big one because, “[Going] from a big movie into another big movie is so exhausting. I’ve spent four years on this film … that’s a long time.” That said, he didn’t take away our hope here, whether he takes it on himself or not. Wan said: 

“The Jason Momoa story, definitely as Aquaman, [he] definitely has more places to go. And — yes. [laughter]. Yeah … I don’t know how to answer that without giving things away … because where we go at the end of this movie, it does tee up something bigger, and so — not bigger, but it does tee up a direction for that story. And I don’t want to speak to that just because it’s the end of the movie.”

While that doesn’t definitively answer the question of whether or not Wan himself would take the helm of a possible third Aquaman film, it definitely leaves the door open. Could “Aquaman 3” be part of the new Peter Safran/James Gunn-helmed DCU at some point? Could it end up as a DC Elseworlds film like “The Batman” which exists out of the main timeline? The possibility for more Aquaman would definitely depend on the box office, which wasn’t great for the last two DC films, “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” and “The Flash.” That said, I do hope Wan takes another shot, no matter what part of the DCU a potential third Aquaman film might end up in. 

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” will hit theaters on December 20, 2023. 

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