Sometimes the price is so good you have to write an article about it. That’s the case with the Command & Conquer remastered collection (opens in new tab) now on Steam, which you can pick up for a ridiculous $2.99 ​​/ £2.69 until the deal expires on January 23. Enough for hell march (opens in new tab) itself, if you ask me.

The C&C Remastered Collection is a nice combination of two classic strategy games: Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Dawn. Now neither of them are the best entries in their respective series (that would be Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun), but they’re still oldies with plenty to love, and they’ve planted many of the seeds that would do come to fruition in later games. They’re also packed with the cheesy FMV goodness that continues to define Command & Conquer to this day, even though we haven’t had a new entry in a while.

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