The Communications workers of America (opens in new tab) announced today that a “supermajority” of quality assurance employees at ZeniMax Studios have officially voted to join the ZeniMax Workers United/CWA, which is the first video game studio union at parent company Microsoft and what is – at least for a while – the largest will be union of video game workers in the US.

The official voting period ran from Dec. 2 to Dec. 31, but the CWA said unionization efforts at ZeniMax have been underway for “months” and some employees began signing union authorization cards in November.

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“We are excited to start 2023 in a workplace that is stronger and fairer than last year,” said senior QA tester Skylar Hinnant. “This is a powerful victory that allows us to protect ourselves and each other in a way we could never do without a union. We hope and believe that this is the year when game workers across the country wield their power and the reshape industry as a whole.”

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